Tethersonde mean meteorology

Data structure contains 10-second averaged data (mean meteorology) from tethersonde on
a continuous time-base. Where sonde is not flying all variables except time are padded
with NaNs.

TS10 =

time: [132455x1 double] - matlab serial time
P: [132455x1 double] - pressure (mb)
T: [132455x1 double] - air temperature (deg C)
RH: [132455x1 double] - relative humidity (%)
Psurf: [132455x1 double] - surface pressure (mb)
palt: [132455x1 double] - pressure altitude (m)
Ts: [132455x1 double] - sonic temperature (K)
WS: [132455x1 double] - mean wind speed (m/s)
Traw: [132455x1 double] - uncorrected air temperature
RHraw: [132455x1 double] - uncorrected relative humidity

Poor ventilation of T/RH sensor resulted in a wind-speed dependent bias. A correction
has been applied to match mean values to those of sensors on 15m mast. Uncorrected values
are also given here.

The sonic temperature (calculated from speed of sound measurement
from sonic anemometer) has a significant bias high, by ~3 degrees. This is apparently a
known issue with Gill sonic anemometers (at least older models). No attempt has been made to
correct it here - while absolute values is biased, relative values within profiles should
be OK.

No wind direction is available as yet.

Ian Brooks

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