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  • ASCOS presentation wins prize!

    Prize-winning presentationPrize-winning presentationThe Joint Assembly of the AGU was held in Toronto from May 24-27, 2009.  Although smaller than the fall meeting, there were still an extensive Arctic session.  The oral presentation on the aerosol chemistry measured during ASCOS given by Rachel Chang won an award for Best Student Presentation.

  • ASCOS inspires UK science council

    Brooks et al. UKBrooks et al. UK

    An oral presentation giving an overview of ASCOS/AMISA and a poster with preliminary
    meteorology results were presented at the first UK Arctic Science Conference at the
    National Oceangraphy Centre, Southampton, on July 13-15. This was the first meeting
    to bring the whole UK Arctic science community together.

    See for more information.

    ASCOS-poster - UK Arctic Science Conf 2009.ppt1.21 MB
  • ASCOS in Montréal

    Sara del la RosaSara del la RosaThree posters and an oral presentation, illustrating some ongoing work from ASCOS/AMISA, were presented at the MOCA-IAMAS-IAPSO-IACS meeting in Montréal, Canada, 20-24th July. It was a very fruitful meeting, with 18 atmospheric, 10 ocean, 6 cryospheric sessions and 21 Joint Symposia sessions. The poster session was organized all in one large common hall, allowing participants across the various disciplines to interact.

    MOCA09_delaRosa_etal.pdf2.51 MB
  • New ASCOS logo!

    ASCOS now has a new logo, which can now be viewed on the home page of web-site or below ASCOS logoASCOS logo

  • ASCOS on YouTube - again

    The ASCOS video produced by Stockholm University is now available in English (with subtitles when necessary) on YouTube. Check out

  • First ASCOS post-expedition workshop held in Lund

    Intensive discussions over lunch at the workshopIntensive discussions over lunch at the workshopThe first ASCOS pre-expedition workshop was held in Lund 20 March to 2 April, hosted by Erik Swietlicki and Staffan Sjögren at Lund University. The two first days were filled with plenary presentations and discussions of the many preliminary results, as well as of some more over-riding issues such as publications, data quality and the production of the ASCOS databse.

    During the two days that followed, particpants broke up into groups to discuss, the first day in thematic working groups and the second in interdisciplinary groups. The working group results were reported back in plemum on the last day when the workshop results were wrapped up.

    Tuesday evening we met over workshop dinner and reminisced over days on the ice - quite a contrast to outside where Lund was offering promises of spring to come!  

  • ASCOS at YouTube

    "No particles, no fog!" is the intriguing title of a new video clip just released on YouTube. The clip is by ASCOS Science Team member Zoran Ristovski at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Click on to watch it!

    Zoran RistovskiZoran RistovskiThe background is the fact that cloud droplets cannot form unless there are tiny particles in the air that can act as embryos for the droplet formation. Nature most often handles this problem by providing particles and we normally don't have to worry about this limitation.

    But not always! This film was shot towards the end of the ASCOS field expedition in the central Arctic summer 2008, on the Swedish icebreaker Oden. It illustrates an episode when the particle count was so low that cloud droplets just could not form; somthing that hardly happens in the midlatitudes but does happen in the summer Arctic.

  • ASCOS up north

    Icehotel exteriorIcehotel exterior














    Over the weekend 24-25 Januari ASCOS was among a few Swedish IPY projects that were presented at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi outside Kiruna in northern Sweden. The presentation was part of a Stockholm University exhibition on Swedish IPY research that will remain at the Icehotel until it melts. In addition to the exhibition, we were also given oppertunity to present our research - and the reasons for it - to the many guides that work at the hotel, who have plenty of contact with visitors and can perhaps inspire them about how fashinating Arctic research is. The Icehotel is an unlikely hotel of snow and ice that is rebuilt in Jukkasjärvi every winter, using ice from Lule River that flows right passed the little village, and of course melts come spring.

  • ASCOS presented at AGU and DAMLOCES meetings

    ASCOS posterASCOS posterRecently ASCOS had an invited presentation at the IPY Union Session during the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Before that ASCOS was also presented - orally and as a poster (see below) - at the DAMOCLES Annual Meeting, this year in Sopot in Poland. ASCOS won the price for "best poster" so now one of the ASCOS coordindators proudly wears the Tara fleece jacket that was the price. (For those who don't know, Tara is a small ship that was frozen in, in the pack ice and drifted for almost two years across the Arctic in the transpolar dift. Thus, a "cousin" project to ASCOS; much longer but less extensive observations since Tara is quite a bit smaller than Oden).

    ASCOS_poster_in_Sopot.pdf1.73 MB
  • Video about ASCOS/Video om ASCOS

    A video clip about ASCOS has been produced by the Stockholm University IT & Media division. You can watch by clicking on Sorry, available only in Swedish.

    Stockholms Universitets avdelning för IT&Media har producerat ett vidoe-clip om ASCOS. Ni kan se det på