Still in pack ice at N87 22’, W 07 10’ 22 August

In the weak winds we have now we are only drifting very slowly, and generally westward right now. 
The fog is still the biggest problem we have; the poor visibility it makes work on the ice vey difficult. 
The low temperatures we’ve had over the last two days also caused the water in the leads to start 
freezing. At the “Lead Ice Camp”, about 3 kilometers away, there is very little open water left and 
ice flowers have started to grow on the 2-3 centimeter thick new ice that has now formed. Our own 
backyard Ringed Seal, however, has several holes in the ice through which it pops up for air, and 
also to check that we are still there and have not turned into Polar Bears.
Frozen over leadFrozen over lead