25 August, at N87 25' W07 25'

These last few days the weather has improved in so far as the visibility
is better at least some parts of the day. The winds are also more
moderate, although more variable in direction. Since the aerosol and
atmospheric chemistry sampling requires their inlets into the wind, we
have moved the ship twice in the last two days. Otherwise much of the
work is now routine, and as we know we only have about a week until we
need to leave here, everyone is working hard to get the most out of the
stay. What was not routine today was the last and final visit from our
AMISA friends in Kiruna coming over again in their NASA DC-8 research
aircraft. They spend a little over four hours in our area, but we only
saw them a few times since the cloud base was sporadically quite low.
NASA 817 - call sign for NASAs DC-8 research aircraftNASA 817 - call sign for NASAs DC-8 research aircraft