26 August, at N87 22' W 07 28'

As you may have noticed if you have followed the positions on these
reports, we are not really going anywhere. We had expected to drift
south with the ice, but with the peculiar weather and winds we have had
it feels like we are running around in circles. Since the dense fog of a
few days before started to lift now and again, we have managed to get a
birds-eye view on our home. The ice floe that we are anchored to is
about 3 x 6 km large and there are quite a few melt ponds on the
surface. There are also several other relatively large floes in the
neighborhood as well as some open water. Both are now rapidly freezing
over since the temperature is rarely above -2 Celsius.
Aerial view of ASCOS ice floeAerial view of ASCOS ice floe