1 September at N87 09’ W 10 45’

The last few days of our ice camp was dominated by high-pressure weather – today the surface pressure reached above 1031 hPa. For a few days we had a persistent cloud layer in the subsidence inversion, but yesterday it started to break up and since tonight we have had alternating fog (with a beautiful "fog bow") and clear weather, with a temperature this morning down to -12 degrees Celsius. The air is extremely "clean"; in fact there are so few particles in the air that our breathing does not create a cloud even when it is this cold. Bring out a cup of hot water outside and it hardly steams. Twist a lighter over the cup (adding particles!) and it suddenly starts steaming! This is our last and final day at the ice camp and tonight we will depart to go back home – only it will take a little over a week until we’re done.

Oden under a fog bowOden under a fog bow