Aerosol sampling filter statistics

Statistics for aerosol lab filter samples are in the text file. Use Excel or similar to open the file and read the comments at the top. The Excel file contains start and stop times for each filter sample provided by Gao. Zipped files contains three plots for each filter sample, including polution statistics, UCPC count, and manifold temperature and relative humidity time-series.

Thorsten Mauritsen

BCI-A.zip6.37 MB
BCI-B.zip6.37 MB
BCI-C.zip11.31 MB
BCI-D.zip10.01 MB
EC-SOOT.zip6.38 MB
FMI.zip6.39 MB
FP.zip6.37 MB
LPI.zip6.38 MB
SFU.zip11.7 MB
TSP.zip6.4 MB
impactor_pollution_statistics.txt33.39 KB
ASCOS aerosol sampling time.xls146.5 KB