The zip-file contains one matlab file with a selfexplaing struct of all the sounding data interpolated to a common height grid  (with an equal or higher resolution than the original data), 145 (one for each sounding) ASCII files with columns of:

1:  Height (m)
2:  Pressure (hPa)
3:  Time from launch (sec)
4:  Sondes longitude (deg)
5:  Sondes latitude (deg)
6:  Temperature (degC)
7:  Potential temp. (degC)
8:  Equivalent pot. temp. (degC)
9:  Relative humidity wrt water (%)
10: Relative humidity wrt ice (%)
11: Specific humdity (g/kg)
12: Dew point (degC)
13: Wind speed (m/s)
14: Wind direction (deg)
15: West-East wind speed component (m/s)
16: South-North wind speed component (m/s)

The zip-file also contains plots of a selection of variables for each sounding.

The soundings are QC:ed; the bulk of the data rests on the so called "research mode" sounding simulation based on the raw data saved during the expedition. This has been manually checked and compared to the operational sounding that came from the expedition. In cases when they disagree, more weight has been put on the research mode simulation. In cases where the research mode simulation lacks data but the original does not, the latter has been filled in.

The resulting merged soundings was also checked for physical consistency and when data was
judged bad it was replaced by NaN.

Checks have been performed comparing the lowest levels to the Oden weather station and to
the metalley mast. The lowest portion was also compared to the tethered soundings. Some
systematic discrepancies remain but are all with the excpected accuracy of the instruments.

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