CCN data

CCN data of both CCN counters, the "ETH" counter was scanning through five different supersaturations (around 0.1%,0.15%,0.2%,0.4%,0.7%), changing between them in 30 minute intervals. The "Lund" counter was constant at one supersaturation, which got changed once (on August 15th) from 0.15% to 0.2%.
The values for the corrected supersaturations is given in the Supersaturations.xls file.
The names of the matlab data file are composed of "CCN" + "ETH" or "Lund" + the number of the supersaturation, as specified in the .xls sheet. One file has the extension "_PM1", which contains the data when the Lund counter was measuring on the PM1 line, all the other data is measured on the PM10 line.
All the data is in one minute average time, from :00s to :59s, the given time is in the middle of the average (:29s).
Each file consists of four columns: date, number of CCN, activation ratio (number of CCN/total aerosol number from the CPC), flag. (I introduced the flag, the only important flag is number “3”, which is for times when I calculated the activation ratio with the UCPC data from Torsten instead of our CPC data, when our CPC was not running. This was mainly in two nights at the beginning of the campaign. The trend of this corrected times is right, however, the absolute values of the activation ratio are a bit smaller.)
The ETH data before August, 6th should be handled with care as the first calibration we did not give stable results.
The pollution file stops at September, 3rd , but the counters were running until the 7th. I included these last days, but they are not pollution corrected! All the other data is pollution as well as STP corrected.
The CCN counters as well as the CPC measured in 1s resolution. This data can be provided if necessary.

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