Multi-sensor Cloud Microphysics Product

This data set includes retrievals of cloud type, characteristic particle size, and condensed water content for both liquid and ice hydrometeors. These retrievals are based on measurements from a millimeter cloud radar (MMCR0, dual-channel microwave radiometer (MWR), ceilometer, and radiosondes. Clouds type classification are performed according to the Shupe (2007 GRL) method, ice properties are retrieved from radar reflectivity (Shupe et al. 2005 JAM), and liquid properties are derived using an adiabatic profile of liquid water from radar/ceilometer cloud boundaries and radiosonde temperature profiles. The liquid is constrained by the MWR-derived liquid water path. All files are in netCDF format and thus contain data set and field-specific attributes in the files.

This is a large data set; you can alternately access the data via:

ascmicrobase1shupeturn.zip26.38 MB