AMISA Aircraft, Aerosol, Cloud & Video

Zipped file contains a directory structure: one for each AMISA flight
DF_0004: 2008/08/08: transit Palmdale, USA - Kiruna, SWE (ODEN over pass)
DF_0006: 2008/08/12: mapping radiation, micro-physics near ODEN
DF_0007: 2008/08/15: mapping radiation, micro-physics near ODEN
DF_0010: 2008/08/22: ice edge mapping, AMSR-E
DF_0011: 2008/08/23: mapping radiation, micro-physics near ODEN
DF_0012: 2008/08/25: mapping radiation, micro-physics near ODEN
DF_0013: 2008/08/28: transit Kiruna, SWE - Bangor, USA

File formats: netcdf and MATLAB
Data version: 3

Contact: or the individual data PI/data managers indicated in the global attribute sections of the files

1. This is an extensive data set and all relevant information concerning dimension, variables and their attributes can be found by interrogating the relevant netcdf file
2. Data includes
APS: - data from a TSI 3321 Aerodynamic Particle Spectrometer.
CAPS: - data from DMT CAPS probe. This is a three instrument probe containing a CAS (cloud aerosol spectrometer), CIP (cloud imaging probe), LWC (Liquid water content) sensor.
CN: - data from TSI 3025 & 2 X 3010 CPC, Scattering from a TSI 3563 nephelometer and absorption from a Radiance Research PSAP
DC8: - NASA DC8 aircraft house keeping data
PCASP: - data from PMS PCASP
SMPS: - data from NASA Langley TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Spectrometer
UHSAS: - date from DMT Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer
Volatility: - data from UoL Volatility system

Note only the CAPS probe is wing mounted, remaining instrumentation is behind an aspirated inlet.

3. Video footage from the DC8 forward and downward pointing cameras is also available

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