ASCOS 449 MHz WInd Profiler moment data v1 - netcdf

This zip_file contains moment data from the 449 MHz wind profiler on the Oden during ASCOS. Version 1 contains netcdf files of the ~ 4 minute moment data for each radar beam. It only contains data from the drift portion of the cruise (YD228-245; Aug. 15 – Sep. 1). During the drift, various radar parameters were used between YD228 andYD234. The moment data for YD228, YD234 through YD244, and YD245 are calculated after the spectral data has undergone subjective hand-editing. The moment data for the other days (YD229-233, YD244) have not undergone the hand-editing, though it has been scrutinized and subjectively validated as “usable” by an experienced engineer. The computation of the moments from the spectra uses a wavelet/multi-peak picking technique optimized to identify the wind signal in the spectra. The data is free to use, but it is recommended to contact the PI in advance. [Dr. Ola Persson (].

Each daily moment netcdf file contains:
YD: Decimal year day at the beginning of the dwell for 2008 (Greenwich Mean Time, Note: 2008 was a leap year)
Az: azimuth of the antenna beam in integer degrees
Elev: Elevation angle of the antenna beam in integers of .01 degrees
Lat/lon: latitude/longitude of Oden at beginning dwell time
Shphdg:Ship heading at beginning dwell time
PW: Length of the transmitted pulse in ns (integer)
IPP: InterPulsePeriod in microseconds (integer).
Height: Height of the center of the scattering volume above sea level in meters (integer)
Range: Distance to the center of the scattering volume from the radar, in meters (integer)
Vel: Radial velocity of the scatterers chosen in m/s (float)
Width: Spectral width in m/s (float)
snrdB: ratio of the power in the selected signal to the total noise power in the spectrum, dB units (float)
noiselvl: average spectral noise power in linear power units (float) Note that total noise power in the spectrum is noiselvl*number of points in the spectrum.
SPNdB: Total power contained in the spectrum, Signals Plus Noise, in dB units. This is the sum of all the points in the power spectrum.
SigdB: Signal power of the selected signal, in dB units. This should be related to reflectivity.

Specific variable information and units are found in the netcdf header information. The netcdf global attribute information is given below.

ASCOS_data_449windprofiler_moments_netcdf_v1.ZIP37.99 MB