ASCOS S-band Radar data v1 netcdf

This zip_file contains moment data from S-band cloud/precipitation radar on the Oden during ASCOS. Version 1 contains netcdf files of the ~ 2 minute moment data for the vertically pointing radar beam. Version 1 contains data from the drift portion of the cruise (YD214-260; Aug. 1 – Sep. 16), which includes the return portion of the cruise over the Norwegian Sea as well. When the signal was below the minimum detectable signal for the radar, the reflectivity data were assigned a flag of “-99.99,” and the velocity data were assigned a flag of “99.99.”

There occasionally was some radio frequency interference (RFI) present in the Doppler spectra that has not been removed. Also, at the beginning and end of the field campaign, there is data contamination caused by the helicopter that transported personnel to and from the ship.

If there are any questions regarding these data, contact
Dr. Allen B. White
(303) 497-5155

Dr. Ola Persson
(303) 497-5078

The data columns are:
Decimal Year Day (UTC )
Latitude (degrees)
Longitude (degrees)
Equivalent_Radar_Reflectivity_(dBZe) (missing data = -99.99)
Doppler_vertical_velocity_(meter_per_second_positive_upward) (missing data = 99.99)
Doppler_Spectral_Width_(meter_per_second) (missing data = -99.99)

ASCOS_Sband_Radar_data_v1_netcdf.ZIP8.35 MB