ASCOS 60GHz Radiometer Data v1a - matlab & netcdf

Update Version v1a, 9/3/09 OP

File ASCOS_60GHz_data_6h_v1a.mat replaces ASCOS_60GHz_data_6h_v1.mat because of some minor timing and low-level errors found in latter. File ASCOS_60GHz_data_6h_v1a.mat contains the 60 GHz scanning radiometer temperature profiles in matlab format. Only the scans from the right-hand-side of the ship are used (over the ice); those from the left-hand-side (over the bow) are not used. The retrieval technique follows Trokhimovski et al 1998 (IEEE Trans) and others and uses a linear interpolation of the 6-hourly soundings as a first guess. In the linear retrieval, a value of gamma=.05 is used. This is a compromise value to allow deviations from the first guess but to minimize the amount of spurious superadiabatic lapse rates obtained at low levels. Validations against independent sondes show root-mean-square-errors typically less than 1.0 K. Future versions of this data set will try to allow greater deviations by applying additional numerical constraints on the retrieval. Additional information can be found in the tables in the readme file.

The parameters include
JDayTot(1x9721) – the Year day of the retrieved soundings
sond6Time(1x10150) – the year day of the interpolated soundings
TeProTot6_05n(80x9721) – the 60GHz radiometer temperatures
h2(1x80) – height field
sond6Tem(80x10150)– sounding temperatures

A netcdf file of this same data is also in this zip file – the latitude and longitude are also included in the netcdf file

ASCOS_60Ghz_radiometer_data_v1a.ZIP14 MB