Fog and Precipitation

This is a simple and subjective data set that provides information on the presence of fog and precipitation. Fog is identified through a combination of the ship's visibility meter and the various ceilometers that were operating. Precipitation is identified using comparisons of the cloud "base" (or lowest signal) detected by radar versus ceilometer and by thresholds in radar reflectivity. The specific details are provided in the README file. There is a zipped archive of daily ASCII files containing the data and another zipped archive of daily images. A description of the images is provided in the README file. It should be emphasized that these are subjective and are simply based on the specific thresholds that were implemented. For further information, contact: Matthew Shupe.

Note: the files were updated on 3 Jan 2011. The change was small, primarily resulting in eliminating small time gaps in the data set.

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