Trajectories over ice

Backward trajectories (arriving at Oden, total run time 10 hours) are plotted together with the arctic ice cover (threshold: 30% ice cover) for every day of Oden´s ice drift.

The trajectories were calculated for three different arrival heights (100m, 500m, 2000m), and can be found in separate zip-folders:

Each zip-folder contains one plot for every day (24h) of Oden´s ice drift with 4 backward trajectories, arriving every 6 hours (see below); on the trajectories a white dot marks every 24 hours.

Colour code for the trajectories:
black: arriving at Oden at 0 UTC
blue: arriving at Oden at 6 UTC
magenta: arriving at Oden at 12 UTC
green: arriving at Oden at 18 UTC

The plots are saved in three formats: png, _bw.eps (black and white), and _co.eps (coloured) with a filename according to the respective date and arrival height.


Icedata: Satellit-source (sensor) is AMSR-E, "level 1A" with the dates coming from NSIDC (Boulder). Final examination were done at University of Bremen where we got them from (
Trajectories: HYSPLIT (HYbrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory) Model access via NOAA ARL READY Website: NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, Silver Spring, MD

20100407_Traj_over_ice_100m.zip12.73 MB
20100407_Traj_over_ice_500m.zip12.81 MB
20100407_Traj_over_ice_2000m.zip12.27 MB