In-situ ground level ozone and MAXDOAS BrO results by OOTI from the ice by Oden during ASCOS study.
OOTI (Out On The Ice) air analyzing platform was developed by Environment Canada scientist: Dr. Jan Bottenheim ( and Dr. Stoyka Netcheva ( University of Toronto student Rachel Chang ( was in charge of the equipment set up in the field and its operation. OOTI instrument package is designed for in-situ measurement of ground level ozone and Gaseous elemental mercury, Bromine monoxide, ambient temperature and few quality control parameters over the ice by the ice breaker Oden on its ASCOS expedition. The package is battery powered and its operation was fully automated. OOTI was taken out on the ice for sampling different environmental conditions described into the ASCOS_OOTI_log file.
Ozone mixing ratio was measured by 2B Technologies dual beam ozone monitor Model 205. Ozone data (ASCOS_OOTI_ozone.csv) file contains ozone mixing ratio averaged over 5 minutes sampling interval. Data file format consists of 2 columns. The first one is Date and Time stamp: DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM – it gives the beginning of averaged sampling interval in UTC. The second column contains ozone measured mixing ratio averaged over 5 minutes sampling each of them starting at the time indicated on the corresponding Date and Time column.
Multi-Axes Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer build by University of Heidelberg, Germany around Ocean Optics USB 2000 spectrometer was used to record solar spectra at elevation angles of 0, 2, 5, 10 and 20 degrees. Data collected were investigated for BrO, oxygen dimer O4, NO2 and HCHO trace concentrations. Results are included in ASCOS_MAXDOAS_OOTI.cvs file. The first column contains elevation angle of the instrument telescope (0 means horizontal position; the second Solar Zenith Angle, the third one is Date (DD/MM/YYYY). UTC time of the beginning of measurement interval (up to 15 minutes) as HH:MM:SS is included in the forth column; the fifth column contains RMS error of the simulated result with respect to the original spectra; the sixth one Differential Slant Column Density of BrO (molecules per square cm) with respect of the cycle zenith measurement; Differential Slant Column Density of oxygen dimer O4 (molecules per square cm). NO2 and HCHO concentrations were below the detection limit during the sampling campaigns.
For additional information or if you intend to use data included here please contact Environment Canada personnel by e-mails listed above.

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