HTDMA Lund ASCOS 25 to 263 nm diameter


An HTDMA (Nilsson, 2009) was used in the aerosol lab on 4th deck on Oden during ASCOS 2008 to measure hygroscopicity of dried aerosol in various sizes.
Dry aerosol diameters investigated were: 24.1; 26.1; 31.0 ; 44.2; 49.5; 71.7; 107.6; 163.3; 262.8 nm. Not all sizes above were used throughout the campaign.
The instrument was situated on a perpendicular large diameter pipe (4m) on the main inlet tube, with a 90° bend
at 2 m. Then a perpendicular small diameter tubing (1 m to DMA1) into the instrument.

The HTDMA measured at about 90% relative humidity (RH) during the entire cruise.

See readme file. Zip file is 2 Mb.

Staffan Sjögren, operator: or

Data was most recently uploaded 2010-12-17.

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