ASCOS Helicopter profiling of aerosol and meteorological parameters

Dear Colleagues,

The Quality Controlled Data presented below include vertical and horizontal profiling of aerosol and meteorological parameters.  45 out of 70 -flights, are shown and were performed during the period 10 Aug - 7 Sept 2008.  All data is given with 1 second time resolution.

The aerosol particle size concentrations were measured in several size ranges using two Condensation Particle Counters (UCPC diameters >3nm and CPC diameters>14nm) and an Optical Particle Spectrometer (CLASP): diameters >300nm). The meteorological mapping was performed with Thermoelements and a T, P and RH sensor PTU300. More details concerning the data mapping, instrumental set up and the data are given in the file: ASCOS_Heli_readme.pdf below. First hand out graphs of each of the Quality Controlled flights together with real time photos, when available, are also attached.

Stockholm 2011-07-12

Caroline Leck

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