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I am currently carrying out post-doctoral research in the polar-climate group at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø, Norway. The aim of my work is a better understanding of sea-ice processes under changing climate conditions. In this context, measuring and analyzing in-situ data of spectral radiation, sea-ice mass balance, and physical properties of snow and sea ice are my main field of research. My work focuses on characterizing feedback processes and sea-ice regimes and their role in the atmosphere-ice-ocean system. I am involved in different projects monitoring Arctic and Antarctic sea ice and its changes and improving sea ice descriptions in numerical models.

In ASCOS, we performed measurements spectral irradiation over and under sea ice during the Oden cruise in 2008. These measurements were complemented through observations of physical properties of snow and sea ice at the same site.

Marcel NicolausMarcel Nicolaus

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