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AOE96 and AOE2001 previous experiment databases
ERA-Interim Interpolated to Oden
ASCOS Helicopter profiling of aerosol and meteorological parameters
HTDMA Lund ASCOS 25 to 263 nm diameter
MULID Lidar data
Trajectories over ice
Fog and Precipitation
Potential updraft height
Berner Cascade Impactor Chemistry Aerosol Data
Dmps Size Distributions Final Verison 1
Backward Trajectories (10 days)
ASCOS cruise map
WeatherPak weather station
ASCOS record for local pollution
UV Radiation, FMI
Gradient Pole Data IFT
Dmps (Version 1) IFT
ASCOS Radiation Ocean Site
All-Sky Cloud Imager
Marine-Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer
PTR-TOF VOC timeseries V1.0
ASCOS 60GHz Radiometer Data v1a - matlab & netcdf
ASCOS S-band Radar data v1 netcdf
ASCOS 449 MHz Wind Profiler consensus data v1 - netcdf
ASCOS 449 MHz WInd Profiler moment data v1 - netcdf
helicopter CLASP data version 3
Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
Open Lead Aerosol Flux
Visibility and present weather observations, FMI
Ceilometer measurements, FMI
AMISA Aircraft, Aerosol, Cloud & Video
Tehersonde 1Hz Aerosol
PCASP Aerosol Composition
PCASP Aerosol
Multi-sensor Cloud Microphysics Product
Metalley 10 minute averages
ETH Zurich ATOFMS; Single particle mass spectrometric clusters
Bubble Spectra
Ceilometer backscatter and cloud base height measurements
Dual-channel microwave radiometer measurements and retrievals
Millimeter Cloud Radar Doppler moments measurements
Particle number size distributions, FMI
Tethersonde mean meteorology
ASCOS floe orientation and rotation
ASCOS Ocean Turbulence data
Tethersonde Mixed Layer Depth
ASCOS Ozone soundings, FMI
PAH concentrations in the air, FMI
Radioactivity soundings, FMI
CCN data
Trace metals in the air, FMI
NMHCs in the air, FMI
Lead-210 activity concentrations in the air, FMI
Radon-222 FMI-EML
Ozone, 4th deck, FMI
Oden celiometer cloud data
Oden's weather station
Aerosol sampling filter statistics
ASCOS instrument locations powerpoint